First look at automatic XF2Python

In my previous blog I had a first look on what Excel Formula, or Excel Macro 4.0 – would look like in Python 3.x. I manually wrote support for the first layer of that sample. Little did I know how complicated it would become to do this automatic, and what secrets the sample had furtherContinue reading “First look at automatic XF2Python”

Automatically generate Python 3.x from malicious VBA macros

If you have followed my lasts posts, it’s been focused on VBA macros and getting them to run on a Python platform. I spent a lot of time understanding the VBA world and how it could work in the Python world. I manually converted the code and then I built automation to convert the complicatedContinue reading “Automatically generate Python 3.x from malicious VBA macros”

Want to run your VBA macros safely anywhere?

Introduction This time I want to show you a nice method of making the obfuscation-level of office Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros go away. You’ll get to see the clear motivation and instructions the malware is giving without dealing with the garbage they show to the unlucky person trying to figure out what theyContinue reading “Want to run your VBA macros safely anywhere?”